About Us

MondoSweeps is among the greatest 100% free sweepstakes sites, offering users free chances to win close to $3 million in total giveaways. We offer a variety of prizes, including, a $500,000 Dream Home, a Vacation of a Lifetime, a Luxury Car, The Ultimate Home Theater, Gift Cards and Mondo Big Cash Prizes up to a $1,648.250 Lump Sum! We also guarantee a $25 Cash Winner each and every day!

All you need to do to become eligible to win any of the sweepstakes is to submit your favorite email. That’s the one you check the most often. You can enter each of our sweepstakes from three to five times a day, depending on the prize. Because we only contact winners via email, be sure to use a valid email that you check regularly and pay attention to messages you receive from us. You wouldn’t want to miss an email about being a winner and forfeit the chance of claiming your Mondo magnificent prize!

Drawings are held nightly at Midnight Eastern time, so be sure to enter before then. Don’t forget to check your email daily and keep a lookout for winner notifications, bonus entry opportunities, new giveaways and lots more Mondo Fun news!

We look forward to seeing you enter every day because we just love giving away Mondo free prizes! It makes us Mondo happy when you win, and we hope you are next among our Mondo lucky winners!

So, be sure to come back and have fun entering to WIN BIG with MondoSweeps!

The MondoSweeps Crew