Did you find a prize you want to enter? Whether you picked a big prize, smaller prize or our guaranteed daily giveaway, there are a couple of things to know. Each giveaway has different odds of winning as outlined in the Official Rules. However, for any particular giveaway, each entry has the same chance of winning. Of course, if you maximize the number of entries for any giveaway as shown below the prize amount, you will have additional chances of winning than someone who only enters once. For prizes with daily drawings, all entries must be submitted by midnight ET. if someone’s entry number matches the winning number, that person will be notified by email, usually that very next day.

Congrats to our recent winners:

Susan H. of Evansville, IN won $25 on February 20
Jeffrey S. of Tallahassee, FL won $25 on February 19
Clifford Z. of Ozark, AL won $25 on February 18
Robert H. of Fayetteville, NC won $25 on February 17
T F. won $25 on February 16
Denise R. of Waldorf, MD won $25 on February 15
Debbra F. won $25 on February 14
Edwin M. of Palm Bay, FL won $25 on February 13
William C. won $25 on February 12
Heather K. of Cornelius, OR won $25 on February 11