Winner Recap September 2023

Entering MondoSweeps can add some major excitement to your day! After all, the prospect of winning Mondo magnificent giveaways with completely free entries, is enough to get anyone’s adrenaline pumping! We’ve got some truly amazing prizes, including a $500,000 Dream Home, in our lineup, so be sure to check them out and enter every day!

We also award a daily cash prize so make sure to get your entries in for that free giveaway. Someone wins $25 each and every day! That’s free money and you can collect your winnings by check, PayPal, or an Amazon Gift Card, so you can buy whatever you want with it!

Patricia W. in Youngstown, Ohio, starts of this month’s list of daily winners when her entry was chosen to win the $25 Daily Cash Prize on September 1! It’s certainly great to win free money. You could use it to get a new manicure in a nice fall color, buy yourself a new sweater or even meet a friend for lunch to catch up and enjoy a relaxing meal together. That’s a Mondo merry way to enjoy some time with someone special.

Thomas W. of Naples, Florida, also has some extra spending money since he won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on September 6. Maybe you’ll head over to iHop to meet up with your buddies for breakfast, or perhaps you’ll play a couple of rounds of golf and go out for happy hour afterwards. Or you might just bring home a bouquet of flowers to show your better half how much you truly appreciate your life together! That’s certainly a special way to say it!

Cheryl Neal from Walhalla, South Carolina, chose an Amazon Gift Card to receive the $25 Daily Cash Prize she won on September 11. Shopping on Amazon is always Mondo fun, but having gift card money in your account makes it so much better! There are so many choices of what you can buy, it’s truly mind boggling to think of the millions of products they carry. With all those options, you’re sure to find just what you need!

Charles B. in Las Vegas, Nevada, didn’t need to hit the slot machines or spend any money to win because his entry was chosen in the $100 Cash Giveaway on September 17! That’s Mondo great news to find in your email and getting a check with your name on it completely free is sure to put a Mondo great big smile on your face! Perhaps you’ll celebrate and do something fun like take your special someone to see a show. There are so many choices for entertainment in Las Vegas, you certainly do have your pick!

Pamela T. of Salem, Oregon, has some extra spending money this month after winning the $25 Daily Cash Prize on September 22! That could buy a tasty take out dinner on your way home from work to take the night off from cooking and relax with your feet up watching a movie or one of your favorite tv shows! Or you could meet a friend for lunch at Sassy Onion State Street to enjoy your favorite wrap with a side of something sassy, like their hand breaded onion rings!

Cissy N. in Vernon Rockville, Connecticut, might also be enjoying a treat with the $25 Daily Cash Prize she won on September 26! That could mean one of those Mondo delicious pies from New England Pizza. With an incredible selection of specialty pies, grinders and more, it could be hard to decide what to order. Everything certainly looks mouthwatering, that’s for sure!

Darby S. in Harvest, Alabama, might be getting ready to buy some harvest produce with the $25 Cash Prize she won on September 30! That’s one way you could enjoy having that extra cash in your wallet! You might decide to buy some apples to make pies, or get ready for Halloween with an array of pumpkins you can carve out with your family and decorate your front porch!

Thanks for entering MondoSweeps everyone and congrats to each of our September winners! Keep entering. You never know when one of your entries might be chosen in a random drawing, and it could be something Mondo big! It’s always free and simple to enter. Just choose the prize and submit your email address for each entry. That’s all it takes to become a MondoSweeps winner!

Always make sure to enter with an email address you check on a regular basis. That’s the only way we will notify you so you can collect on your winnings absolutely free!