Winner Recap September 2022

It sure has been a Mond-magnificent month of September, bringing with it new chances to win big with MondoSweeps! We hope you’ve been entering every day, so you don’t miss the opportunity to become one of our lucky winners! With prizes valued as high as $500,000, which could be your dream come true and a life-changing moment, it’s worth a few minutes of your day to enter. It’s always completely free and entering is as simple as providing your email address for each entry submission. That’s it! We also give away $25 to someone every day so be sure to enter for the daily giveaway while you’re here entering to win the bigger prizes.

Renee W. in Morehead City, North Carolina, starts of this month’s list of daily winners after she won the prize drawing on September 1. Renee chose a check for her prize payment, but you can also opt to be paid by PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card. Winners have that choice and all you have to do is let us know when replying to a winner email from us.

Cynthia D. from Bethel, Connecticut, won the $25 Daily Cash on September 3, and now she has some extra cash to get that gel manicure if she wants to! Or you may use it to treat yourself to something special the next time you head to Target or Walmart to do your shopping!

Henry S. of Seminole, Alabama, chose PayPal to receive the $25 Daily Cash prize he won on September 8, which is a great way to get your money quickly so you can enjoy spending it on whatever pleases you! That might be taking your better half out for a home style meal at Cracker Barrel. That’s always a tasty way to enjoy your prize money and enjoy a relaxing lunch or dinner!

Peter P. from Harrison Township, Michigan, decide on an Amazon Gift Card to collect the $25 Daily Cash he won on September 13. That’s also a Mondo-excellent choice since you can buy just about anything you can think of and many items ship free with a $25 purchase, so there’s a potential bonus to your prize money!

Tammi K. in Mooresboro, North Carolina, opted to get a check by mail after she won the $25 Daily Cash prize drawing on September 19. It’s always Mondo-magnificent to see a check arrive in the mail made out to your name, especially because it didn’t cost anything to enter for the chance to win it or to collect it!

Richard P. of Live Oak, Texas, also won the $25 Daily Cash prize drawing on September 23 and may be heading over to Polly’s Pet Shop to buy some treats and toys for his furry family members. That’s one fun way to get those tails wagging and perhaps you’ll head to the dog park to toss the new ball around too!

Katherine H. from Pleasantville, Ohio, also collected $25 to her PayPal account after winning the Daily Cash on September 27. That could buy some fall harvest decorations or perhaps you’ll use it to get some delicious chocolate Halloween candy for the neighborhood kids and go pumpkin picking to create the best Jacko lanterns on your block!

Jermaine T. in New Rochelle, New York, put a crisp Benjamin in his pocket after winning $100 Cash Sweepstakes on September 30. What a Mondo-fabulous way to end the month with some extra money to spend on whatever you want! That could mean heading out for the local Monday night jam to see some of the talented musicians in your area and enjoy a bite to eat and a few cold drinks to wash it down! Don’t forget to put something in the tip jar since they’re more than likely playing for free to entertain the crowd!

Keep entering MondoSweeps every day for all the chances we offer to WIN BIG! It’s fast, and totally exciting to get your entries in to win one of our amazing prizes! Whether you picture owning the home of your dreams, putting a big fat check in your bank account, want to take the trip of a lifetime, create your own home theater, or win a cool gift card to go shopping on us, we offer an incredible array of prizes which are totally free to enter every day! If you win, collecting your prize is also completely free and as easy as replying to your winner email message, so watch your inbox for messages from MondoSweeps!