Winner Recap October 2023

One thing you can count on in life is MondoSweeps being open and available to enter every day for the chance to win some truly Mondo magnificent prizes! It’s always completely free and very simple to submit your entries. All you need is a valid email address and a few minutes out of your day, and you could be on your way to something Mondo fabulous like a new dream house, the vacation of a lifetime, a new car or two, enough cash to change your life and more!

We also have a daily giveaway so don’t neglect to submit your free entries. Winners can choose to receive their prize money by check, PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card. Tom F. in Brunswick, Ohio, chose the gift card option when he won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on October 1! Having money in your Amazon account makes shopping on the world’s Mondo largest retail site even more fun with so many hundreds of thousands of things to choose from! We hope you buy something that makes you Mondo happy, Tom!

Alfredo M. in Mission, Texas, chose a check for his prize payment after he won the $25 Daily Giveaway on October 2. That could be a great reason to take your better half out for a nice lunch at the Griffen Grill! With amazingly delicious food at Mondo great prices, you’re sure to have a memorable meal and a Mondo fantastic time together! That’s one way you could spend your winnings and really enjoy yourself!

Barbara F. from Spring Hill, Florida, might be buying a nice bouquet of flowers with the $25 Daily Cash Prize she won on October 10! That’s one idea of how you might enjoy something Mondo beautiful with your winnings! Or perhaps you’ll head over to the nail salon to get a manicure with some festive designs on it!

Angela S. of Greenville, South Carolina, might be buying some extra groceries for a Sunday family dinner with the $25 Daily Cash Prize she won on October 11! You might also decide to buy some apples and baking supplies to make those famous pies everyone always raves about! That’s a great way to enjoy the fall harvest and put smiles on your family member’s faces at the same time!

Bobby H. from Westford, Massachusetts, has some extra spending money in his wallet since he won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on October 18! That could be a great reason to meet up with your buddies at Owen & Ollies Restaurant & Pub for a couple of pints and a bite to eat at Happy Hour time!

Calvin S. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, might be heading to his favorite place for cheesesteak sandwiches with the $25 Daily Cash Prize he won on October 24! Or you might just head to Walmart to buy a giant bag of assorted chocolate candy to hand out to the kids on Halloween. We’re sure they’ll be happy to ring your doorbell to trick or treat!

Laura M. of Matson, Wisconsin, also landed on the Winners List after she won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on October 29! Perhaps you’ll take your winnings and your favorite person out for Fish Friday at the Elroy Eatery. We hear it’s simply awesome! That could be a nice night off from cooking to relax and enjoy yourselves over a delicious leisurely meal together!

Michelle L. from Grass Valley, California, has an extra $25 to spend since she won the Daily Cash Prize on October 31! That’s a great addition to your Halloween celebrations and perhaps you’ll head over to the Abrakadabra Thrift Store to see what magical treasures you might find!

Mondo congrats to all the October Winners! We hope you enjoy your prize money and keep entering to win MondoSweeps! Just be sure to enter with an email that you check so we can easily reach you with potentially Mondo exciting news!