Winner Recap October 2022

It’s the Mondo-merry month of October with the leaves falling and thoughts turning to the holiday season. There’s no better time than the present to enter for your chance to win our Mondo-magnificent giveaways which could end up being quite a gift come true! So, come back daily or as often as you can and claim your free chances to become one of our Mondo-happy winners!

Don’t forget to enter five time daily in our $25 Daily Cash Sweepstakes, which is something we give away every single day! Winners are chosen at midnight in a random drawing from all of the day’s entries and notified at the email address submitted with the winning entry. So, be sure to use the email address you want us to contact you at and be on the lookout for messages from us. We’d be Mondo-delighted to deliver that happy news straight to your inbox and send your prize money completely free!

Natasha M. in Vancouver, Washington, got one of those happy emails from us and now has some extra spending money since she won the $25 Daily Cash Sweepstakes on October 1. Choosing an Amazon Gift Card is a Mondo-terrific way to spend your prize money online and, with so many choices, you’re sure to find exactly what you need!

Tommy D. from Rocky Mount, Virginia, won the $25 Daily Cash Sweepstakes on October 6, and chose to receive his prize money by check in the mail. That’s another of three payment choices we offer to our winners, who can also choose PayPal to receive their prize money. That could cover a nice lunch for two at Dairy Queen, which is one great way you can celebrate and enjoy your winnings.

Ned N. of Kempton Park, GT South Africa, chose PayPal to receive the $25 Daily Cash Prize he won on October 15, which is a Mondo-fantastic way to get the cash quickly so you can enjoy spending it on whatever you need. That could buy some weekly groceries, a nice lunch at your favorite place to eat, or maybe you’ll head to the Festive Mall and treat yourself to something special you’ve had your eye on.

Brian E. in Ripon, Wisconsin, has a Mondo-big chunk of spending money to use on whatever he needs since he won our $750 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on October 25! Mondo-congrats to you, Brian! With a $750 Visa Gift Card at your disposal, there are lots of ways you can enjoy buying or paying for things. Whether you use it online to make purchases or pay bills, or head out to do some shopping and dining, the choices are wide open since Visa is so widely accepted. Maybe you’ll kick off your winner celebration by heading to J’s BBQ and treat your special someone to a tasty meal and some of those famous beverages they prepare made to order! We hear the Texas inspired menu is delicious with Mondo-big portions! Afterwards maybe you’ll head to Tiki Action Park to feel like a kid again playing arcade games, mini-golf and even a go kart race! Have fun with your prize money, no matter what you plan to do!

Robin L. from Wylie, Texas, has some extra spending money in her purse since she won our $25 Daily Cash Sweepstakes on October 30. That could pay for your next manicure or maybe you’ll decide to take the kids to the Interskate Roller Rink for an afternoon of fun. For $5 per admission, everyone can enjoy skating till their hearts content for up to eight hours. That’s certainly enough to tucker them all out so you can enjoy a quiet evening after they go to bed. That could be a nice bonus!

Thanks for playing MondoSweeps and congrats to all of this month’s winners. Be sure to come back and claim your free daily entries for the chance to win our giveaways, which could be anything from some spending money to a dream come true life-changing prize award! It’s always free to enter and totally free to collect your prize if you win. Just make sure to enter with the email address you check often since that’s how we notify our lucky winners and confirm prize payments. You can also follow us on social media to stay up to date with the latest news and connect with other MondoSweepers. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook @MondoSweeps.  Feel free to share our posts with your friends in case they’d like to get their own free daily entries for the chance to WIN BIG with MondoSweeps!