Winner Recap November 2022

It’s been another Mondo-fun month here at MondoSweeps, with so many chances to win incredible giveaways. We hope you’ve been entering because you just never know when one of your entries will be the winning one chosen in a random drawing. Just remember to use your best email for your entries so we can easily reach you with potentially exciting news!

Mondo sweeper M.M. scored a crisp Benjamin at the very start of the month after winning the $100 prize drawing on November 1! Now, there’s a sign of good luck to get your month off to a great start! That could cover a great dinner for two at your favorite joint in town so you can relax and spend some time together over a delicious meal. We hope you enjoy whatever you spend your prize money on, M.M.!

If you’re dreaming of becoming a winner, there’s only one thing to do. Bookmark this site and be sure to visit daily to get your free entries for the chance to win our Mondo-spectacular giveaways. Whether you’ve been wishing for a new home, a Mondo-big pile of money, a dream vacation, a super slick sports or luxury car, a home theater with all the bells and whistles, or some shopping money; cash or a gift card, we’ve got you covered. So be sure to keep entering for your chance to Win Big with MondoSweeps!

In addition to all of these fabulous giveaways, we also award $25 to one of our sweepers every single day! If you receive a winner email notification for the daily cash prize, you can choose between an Amazon Gift Card, a PayPal payment, or a check to your postal mailing address. No matter how you decide to collect your prize money, it’s yours to spend freely any way you choose to!

Clarence P. in Manistee, Michigan, got that happy winner news after he was chosen in the November 3 prize drawing for the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway! Clarence opted to receive his prize money by check in the mail and that’s a great thing to find in your mailbox, that’s for sure! That could come in handy to meet up with your buddies for happy hour at The Painted Lady Saloon for some drinks and a nice bite to eat. Enjoy!

Richard W. from Huntington Beach, California, won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on November 5 and chose PayPal to collect his prize money. That makes it easy to shop online, pay someone you know or just transfer it to your bank account to spend it from there or take out the cash. Maybe you’ll decide to take your favorite someone and head to the pier and have lunch at Sandy’s Beach Shack. Nothing beats a California pizza with those incredible views!

Donna C. of Terre Haute, Indiana, may be checking her gift list twice since she can add $25 to her Amazon Account after choosing the gift card as her prize payment when she won the daily cash giveaway on November 7. It’s always fabulous when you check out your shopping cart and have a gift card balance to use towards your purchases no matter what you want or need to buy!

Linda J. in Vero Beach, Florida, got a $25 check with her name on it after winning the November 15 daily cash prize drawing! That could add some extra things to your shopping cart the next time you head over to Walmart Supercenter to buy groceries or household supplies or whatever you need!

Valerie T. from Gwynn Oak, Maryland, also has some extra spending money since winning the $25 Daily Cash Prize on November 22, just in time to perhaps pick up a nice pie or two for Thanksgiving Dinner, or maybe you’ll head to the grocery store to buy what you need to make them homemade!

Kelly P. of Southbridge, Massachusetts, also put some extra cash in her PayPal account after choosing that prize payment method when she won the $25 Daily Giveaway on November 30. What great timing to add to your holiday gift buying budget if that’s what you’d like to use it for!

We hope everyone who made it to the Winner’s List this month enjoys their prize money! Keep entering and be sure to watch for emails from us! You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter to connect with other MondoSweepers and keep up with the latest news. We wish you all the very best of Mondo-good luck winning big with MondoSweeps!