Winner Recap May 2023

It’s been a Mondo merry month of May and why shouldn’t it be? With so many free entries available each day for the chance to win MondoSweeps giveaways, it should put a smile on your face knowing you have so entries available to become a winner! We offer some pretty Mondo great prizes including a $500,000 Dream home, Mondo huge sums of money in the amounts of $300,000 and $125,000, along with a $33,333 Dream Vacation which can take you anywhere in the world you’ve been dreaming of going! You can also enter to win an $88,888 Dream Car prize and choose your own set of high-end luxury or sporty wheels as well as a $10,000 Super Home Theater along with gift cards and more cash prizes!

We also award $25 to someone every day, so be sure to include the daily cash giveaway in your entries because that’s free money you can use for anything you need extra cash for. Winners are chosen in a random drawing at Midnight Eastern time so don’t forget to submit your day’s entries before then and use an email address you can easily access. Winners are notified at the email address they submit and from there can choose how they’d like to be paid. We offer three options including a check by mail, PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card. An electronic payment can generally reach you faster, depending on the speed of the postal service. If you decide on a check, that’s okay too. Just be sure to reply to your winner email notification so we know how and where to send your free cash prize payment to you!

Randy S. in Stillwater, Minnesota, probably couldn’t sit still when he opened his email to find a winner message after he won the $25 Daily Cash on May 1! That’s a Mondo fun surprise email to receive and now with that extra money in your pocket you might head downtown to take the kids for ice cream at Nelson’s because that’s always a Mondo tasty treat for all to enjoy!

Joan R. from Westbrook, Connecticut, put some cash in her wallet this month after winning the $100 Cash Prize on May 12! With the warm weather upon us that could mean a fun outing to the Westbrook Outlets to shop for new summer clothes. Afterwards you might head down to Sammy’s to share a delicious meal with a friend and perhaps sit at a table on the porch to take in the beautiful view and nice weather!

Richard P. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, might be treating himself and a friend to their favorite Philly Cheesesteaks with the $25 Daily Cash Prize he won on May 14! That’s one way to enjoy winning the daily cash since there’s no better place for cheesesteaks than Philly no matter which you think is the best place in town among the incredible options!

Natasha M. in Vancouver, Washington, landed on the Winners List this month after she won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on May 22! That could be just the right timing to head to the garden center to pick up flowers and maybe some vegetable plants to get your garden going this season!

Don D. from Hamilton, Montana, also has some extra spending money since he won the $25 Daily Cash on May 29! Maybe you’ll head down to Brewski’s to meet up with your buddies for happy hour and watch the game while you enjoy some of those grilled specialty menu selections they’re so famous for!

Mondo congrats to all of our May winners! We hope you keep entering for the chance to win our Mondo magnificent giveaways. It’s always completely free to visit the site and submit your entries for the chance to become a big winner!

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