Winner Recap March 2024

It’s the Mondo magnificent month of March and as the days get longer and trees begin to bud, our winner’s list is also budding with new names and prize wins! We’re always Mondo thrilled to see our players win and happy to showcase your prizes right here in our monthly blog!

It sure is Mondo grand winning a cool grand just by entering your email address in our giveaway! David M. from Riverside, California, must be Mondo excited after winning the $1,000 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on March 28! Just imagine how that feels when you look in your Amazon account and see all that gift card money ready to spend on anything you choose. That can be so many things because the choices are virtually endless when it comes to the world’s largest online retailer.

You might be in the market for a big ticket purchase and now with your prize money you can check out that big screen smart tv you’ve always wanted! With so many great sets to choose from at incredible prices, you don’t have to spend your winnings on one purchase if this is something on your wish list. In fact, you can get a 75” Roku 4K HDR Smart TV for under $600, so you’ll have plenty left for other purchases. Who knows, you might decide to turn your den into a home theater and even buy an authentic popcorn maker and soda streaming machine so everyone can have a true movie theater experience at your house! These are just some ideas of what you could buy, and we hope whatever you decide on, it brings you Mondo joy being a Mondo big grand winner!

Roger C. from Columbus, Indiana, also has a great reason to be Mondo happy since he won the $100 Cash Prize on March 28! That could be just what you needed to take the kids out for a fun day at Columbus Skateland, to burn off all that kid energy and have a great time doing it! Afterwards, you could continue your fun family outing by going out to eat. You might be in the mood for your favorite original sliders and White Castle is just the place since they invented that style of burger. You could pick up a sack of cheeseburgers and some sodas and enjoy some onion rings with it while you tell the kids about the old days when food servers would come out to your car on roller skates to take your order and then roll back out to place a tray on your car window with your meal and drinks, like that classic orange soda. That would certainly tie in with your skate day theme!

To round out your fun filled family day you could head down to the AMC movie theater to enjoy a new release on the big wall to wall screens they offer with comfy seats and anything you want from the concession. You might go for some nostalgic candy like Milk Duds, M&Ms, Caramel Popcorn, and maybe an Icee to wash it all down! All of these snacks and treats have an interesting past and if you’re a history buff you can learn all about their humble beginnings on The Food That Built America which airs on the History channel every Sunday. They even feature White Castle and soda makers like Coca Cola and Pepsi, so if you and your family are interested in how it all got started, that could be another way to spend quality time together and have more interesting things to discuss at the dinner table! You might even feature some of those classic foods like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese and Nathan’s hot dogs, which certainly have some very interesting tales to tell! It’s pretty amazing all the possibilities you have with a $100 cash prize, and we hope you make the most of the special opportunities to enjoy it, no matter what you choose to do!

Mondo congrats to all the $25 Daily Cash Winners for March too! We give this cash prize away every single day because anyone can use some extra spending money. So be sure to enter to win our daily giveaway while you’re entering to Win Big with MondoSweeps!