Winner Recap March 2023

One key to playing our free sweepstakes is consistency. The other aspect is patience. If you consistently enter every day, and wait patiently, there’s always the possibility that you can win big. If you’ve ever seen an interview with a big winner, whether it be sweepstakes or lottery games, one thing they have in common is they say they entered or played without forfeiting any opportunity to win. As the saying goes, winners never quit, and quitters never win!

In fact, the advice of one of our big winners, Richard T. from Clifton, Colorado, was to “make it a habit. When you get up every day and you’re having your coffee, keep entering to win.” That method certainly paid off for Richard when he won our $10,000 Super Home Theater Sweepstakes. Richard opted to take a check for that amount, which is always an option for our winners. So, do yourself a favor and take Richard’s advice: enter daily to win big with MondoSweeps!

Don’t forget we also give $25 to someone every day and while, of course, this isn’t going to change your life in a Mondo big way, it is free money you can spend any way you’d like to! If you win the daily giveaway, we offer the choice of receiving your prize money by check, PayPal, or an Amazon Gift Card. From there, it’s up to you how you spend it.

Sharon S. from Hernando, Mississippi, chose an Amazon Gift Card after she won the $25 Daily Giveaway on March 1st. That’s always a fun way to shop on Amazon. Just load the gift card code into your account and choose it as your payment method when you check out your shopping cart! That could buy some new cosmetics, a nice shirt for spring, or perhaps you’ll order some family favorite snacks and cookies. That’s always a crowd pleaser!

Tracey B. in Keremeos, British Columbia, Canada, has some extra money on hand since winning the $25 Daily Cash Prize on March 5th. In fact, it’s a bit more than that since that converts to a little over $34 Canadian Dollars, so there’s a nice added bonus to your prize win! Perhaps you’ll treat yourself and a loved one to a delicious lunch at the Blackbird Tavern and relax in their great atmosphere with a friendly staff and awesome food!

Christina N. of Palm Coast, Florida, chose PayPal to receive the $25 Daily Cash prize she won on March 8th! That’s an easy way to get paid quickly because electronic payments can reach you faster, depending on the speed of your postal delivery service. You can keep the money in your PayPal account, or easily transfer it to your bank account free of charge. Then you can do whatever you please with it. That could buy a nice lunch at your favorite café or perhaps a manicure at your favorite salon!

Cindy M. in Brandenburg, Kentucky, opted for a check by mail when she won the $25 Daily Cash on March 10th, and that’s another fine way to collect your prize money and enjoy spending it. That could buy your favorite pizza with toppings so you can take the night off from cooking. Or maybe you’ll decide to buy yourself something new to add to your spring wardrobe. You could also put some gas in your car and drive up to Louisville proper to enjoy a day out and about town visiting a museum or just walking around town to see the sights!

Naomi T. of Healdsburg, California, also has some extra spending money after she won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on March 27th. Naomi also chose an Amazon Gift Card to receive her prize money, and that’s always a fun way to spend it! Perhaps you’ll browse the site for a new sun hat and cool pair of shades so the next time you’re sitting outside at one of the fabulous local wineries, you’ll avoid sunburn and enjoy yourself even more! Or you might decide to have a picnic along the Russian River, because that’s always a great way to decompress and spend a leisurely day outdoors!

Congrats to all of our March winners! Just remember, keep visiting the site daily and entering to WIN BIG with Mondo Sweeps. Also remember to use an email address you check frequently when submitting your free entries. That’s where we’ll let you know if you’re a winner. Good luck to all of our MondoSweepers! We hope to be sending you some Mondo big winner news soon!