Winner Recap June 2023

MondoSweeps Winner Recap June 2023

It’s one of the best times of the year, with the warm weather upon us and so many fun summertime things to do! One thing you can do for fun at any time of the year is enter MondoSweeps for the chance to win big! You never know when one of your entries will be chosen in our random drawings, and that could be the best news ever! It’s always free to enter every day, so be sure to come back daily for your chance to WIN BIG with MondoSweeps!

Linda M. from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, started off her summer in a grand way after she won the $1,000 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on June 6! That sure is a big spending spree, and you can enjoy buying whatever your heart desires! Having a thousand dollars to spend on the world’s largest online market place is certain to be a fantastic adventure scouting out all kinds of things you might be interested in using your gift card money to pay for. That could be just about anything since there are millions of products available. If you don’t already have a Prime membership, that might be the first thing you purchase. Then you can enjoy all of the benefits, like free shipping, special discounts and deals, entertainment, and even sharing those perks with household members since you can sign them up to your Prime membership at no extra cost! We hope you have a Mondo magnificent experience and enjoy everything you can pay for with your gift card, Linda!

Bradley U. walked away with some cash this month after winning the $100 Cash Giveaway on June 13. That’s lucky news to get in your email and a great time of year to come into some extra money! Now you can go out to dinner and a movie, see a concert in the park, have your friends and family over for a barbecue, go shopping to buy yourself something new, put it towards bills, fill your cooler and head out for an enjoyable beach day with your family, or whatever you feel like spending it on! That’s the beauty of winning on MondoSweeps. You can do anything you’d like to with your prize money. We hope whatever that turns out to be, it’s something Mondo enjoyable!

We also have some ultra exciting news this month. Larry W. from Madison, Kentucky, won the $10,000 Super Home Theater prize drawing on June 14! That is Mondo incredible news, and we hope you are completely thrilled to win one of our top prizes! With $10,000 there are so many things you can do! Of course, as you chose, our winners can opt to receive their prize award in the form of a check, and that’s super exciting to see a check for a whopping ten thousand dollars arrive in the mail with your name on it! The only thing left to do after that, is decide how you want to enjoy it! That could be a kick off winner party at your house complete with a fantastic barbecue menu and all the fixings! You might also announce to your household that your long overdue family vacation has arrived! We’re sure they’ll be Mondo excited when they find out you’ve booked a cruise, or a trip to Disney, or a Caribbean vacation, or wherever it is that you’ve been talking about wanting to go. With all that money on hand, you can do that and more! You might decide to head to the classic car show to see if there’s something you would just love to cruise around in with the top down and the radio on! That would be another cool way to show off being a Mondo Big Winner! We hope you have the time of your life with $10,000 to enjoy doing whatever you please, Larry. Mondo big congrats on your super amazing win!

As you can see, winning big with MondoSweeps is certainly real! It’s simple and always free to enter for your chance to become a winner! Just remember to visit the site daily and submit your entries for each sweepstakes. Then all you have to do is sit back and watch your email inbox for possibly the most exciting news of your life! We hope that day comes when you receive that astoundingly good news and wish you all the best of good luck!