Winner Recap July 2023

Here at MondoSweeps, once thing is certain. We want you to win big! After all, Mondo means big and that’s what our free sweepstakes are all about! Entering every day ensures you don’t miss a single entry for the chance to win an incredible giveaway. You never know which entry could be chosen in a random prize drawing, and neither do we! By submitting every available entry we offer, you are making the most of this Mondo magnificent opportunity to win something that could change your life!

Of course, we have lesser amounts in our prize lineup, like the $100 cash giveaway and a $25 daily drawing. That’s something you can and should always enter as well. After all, it’s free money and no one would ever turn that down! You can collect it by check, PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card and spend it any way you choose to! Just be sure to reply to your winner email if you see a message that says you have won! That’s the only way we notify our lucky winners in any of our prize drawings and arrange to send their prize payment.

William F. in Akron, Ohio, won the $25 Daily Cash on July 1, and that could be a good sign of things to come! Sometimes after you win once, you get inspired to claim every entry available and that could very well lead to something Mondo big! And now that you have some extra pocket money, perhaps you’ll meet your friends for happy hour or get a take out meal on your way home from work.

Steve T. from Poughkeepsie, New York, put $100 in his Amazon account after he won the prize drawing on July 17 and chose the Amazon Gift Card prize payment option. That’s a fantastic way to enjoy buying things you don’t have to pay for. That’s the best way to go shopping; with free money to spend! With so  many choices, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for, or have fun exploring new things!

Francisco S. of Comanche, Texas, also has some money to spend after winning the $750 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on July 22! What Mondo fantastic news to see in your email inbox! With all that money on hand, there are so many things you can do! Visa is so widely accepted; you could use it to go on a nice vacation or long weekend getaway. Or you might decide to spend it on everyday expenses but also do something special, like taking your spouse out for a relaxing afternoon at Brennan Vineyards to enjoy tasting the wine, admiring the scenery and you can even bring your dog if you want to since they are pet friendly. Once you finish tasting, you might order some bottles to take home so you can pair them with your favorite recipes and perhaps invite your family over for a celebratory dinner to enjoy it with you. We hope whatever your plans are, you have a Mondo magnificent time paying for it with your prize money!

Charlie M. from Birmingham, Alabama, also won the $25 Daily Cash on July 31! That’s the perfect way to end the month on a happy note and start the month of August feeling inspired! You could take that money and go for a tasty meal at Melt because everything tastes better with melted cheese on it! Or you might put gas in your car and take a ride to your favorite fishing spot to relax and enjoy the day on the water. That’s always a great way to rejuvenate and you might just bring home a fresh catch for dinner!

Congratulations to all of our winners this month. We hope you visit daily to keep entering to win the Mondo fantastic free giveaways we offer. Entering is always fast, simple and free! Just be sure to enter with an email address you check often, and keep an eye out for emails from MondoSweeps. We’d be more than delighted to notify you of a win and it very well could be Mondo big!

We offer everything from a $500,000 Dream Home to Mondo large cash prizes like $300,000 and $125,000, to a Mondo fabulous dream car where we’ll give the winner $88,888 to pick out anything they like! If you’ve always dreamed of traveling the globe, be sure to enter our $33,333 Dream Vacation Giveaway and you’ll be able to pack your bags and book your trip anywhere in the world! If you’re more of a home body, don’t miss the chance to win our $10,000 Super Home Theater prize package, which you can also take as a check for ten grand if you’d like.

Just remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter. So be sure to come back every day and enter to win big with MondoSweeps!