Winner Recap July 2022 - Missing $10,000 Winner!

Entering to win MondoSweeps is always exciting. After all, the prospect of winning a Mondo big prize is certainly a thrill. You never know when your entry might be chosen in one of our random drawings. That’s why it’s a good idea to enter every day, or as often as possible, so you don’t miss that Mondo-fantastic possibility!

Albino C. from Bangor, Maine, didn’t miss the chance to win on July 21, but seems to have missed the notice to collect his big cash prize of $10,000 as he has not responded to his winner email message from us! We haven’t heard back from him and we’re hoping he checks his email to see that he’s a big winner! This is why it’s so very important to make sure you enter your email correctly and check for messages from us. Email is the only way we notify our winners and arrange to send their prize payment. So, you could say, your email address is your ticket to winning because if you don’t reply, we have no other means to reach you to pay your prize payment. We sincerely hope Albino C. checks his messages to see that he won a whopping ten thousand dollars, which could certainly enhance his life! Just imagine winning $10,000 and you threw away the instructions to collect it simply by neglecting to check your email. It’s a simple step but it’s one we can’t emphasize enough! We will never call you on the phone, message you on any apps or social media, send you anything in the mail, or show up at your door. The only way we will ever notify our winners is by email at the address they entered in the sweepstakes contest. Granted, once that winner replies we may request a winner interview via video chat but that only happens after we have made the initial contact by email. It’s also the winner’s option to agree to the video interview, which we love to do to get their feedback on how it feels to win, find out what they plan to do with the money, and ask them what their thoughts are on free sweepstakes sites such as MondoSweeps. It's always exciting for us as well as our sweepers to see the real winners and meet them through the video interview. So, Albino C., we sincerely hope you reply to your winner email so we can send you a check for $10,000 and we’d love to arrange an interview with you too!

In other winner news, Jerri Ann C. in Lynchburg, Virginia, won the $750 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on July 27! Winning a Visa Gift Card can be even better than cash since you can use it online, or just about anywhere you could possibly need to! That could mean booking a vacation getaway, going shopping or out to dinner, paying your bills, or whatever you need to pay for since Visa is accepted virtually everywhere! You could also use it for everyday expenses like putting gas in your car, buying groceries and household supplies, and perhaps order from your favorite restaurant so you can sit back and relax while someone else does the cooking! It’s certainly nice to take a break sometimes and having extra money can afford you that luxury! We hope you enjoy it Jerri Ann!

Bill C. in Suncook, New Hampshire, also has some extra spending money since he won the $100 Cash Sweepstakes prize on July 29! Congrats, Bill! Maybe you’ll celebrate by taking your better half out for a tasty lobster roll at Mel’s Munchies. We hear he makes one of the best in the area! That’s one way you could have a good time with your prize money! We hope whatever you decide to do, you’re happy to be on the Winner’s list this month. We hope you keep entering for the chance to win our Mondo-big giveaways too!

Mondo-congrats also goes out to all the $25 Daily Cash Prize winners this month. We give this prize away every day and if you’re chosen in one of our random drawings you can collect your prize money by check in the mail, PayPal payment or an Amazon Gift Card. Just be sure to let us know which way you’d like to be paid! We give 5 free entries for the daily cash, so don’t forget to include this giveaway in your entries each day, or as often as you can!

Keep entering MondoSweeps every day for all the chances we offer to WIN BIG! It’s free, fast, and totally exciting to get your entries in to win one of our amazing prizes! Whether you picture owning the home of your dreams, putting a big fat check in your bank account, want to take the trip of a lifetime, create your own home theater, or win a cool gift card to go shopping on us, we offer an incredible array of prizes which are totally free to enter every day! If you win, collecting your prize is as easy as replying to your winner email message, so watch your inbox for messages from MondoSweeps!

Be sure to enter using your real email address which you check often since that’s the only way we can contact you if you win. Be on the lookout for winner messages and other exciting news from MondoSweeps. We love to keep our sweepers in the loop, so you don’t miss out on any important updates from us. We want to make sure you’re in the know about all the exciting and Mondo-cool prize offerings we have and, of course, we want to be able to reach you if you win!