Winner Recap January 2024

It’s a great start to a brand new year with brand new chances to win big with MondoSweeps! We’ve got some huge prizes on deck including the recently added $1,648,250 Lump Sum Payout. Just imagine winning that! You’d certainly be set for the life you’ve always dreamed of! So be sure to visit every day and submit your totally free entries for the chance to win! Just be sure to enter with your favorite email and watch for messages from MondoSweeps. That’s the only way we notify our lucky winners, and you sure don’t want to miss it!

Robert M. in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, got some good news in his email when he won the $100 Cash Prize on January 5! Living in such a Mondo fantastic place with so many fun things to do is even better when you have prize money in your pocket! Maybe you’ll meet your buddies at TopGolf, where it’s golf but it’s not golf as they say! What a fantastic entertainment venue to play a few rounds on their high-tech range and hang out in the swanky lounge enjoying a bite to eat with some great craft cocktail beverages!

Beverly H. from Mountain Home, Arkansas, certainly did and didn’t miss the email message saying she won the $750 Visa Gift Card on January 19! That is definitely Mondo wonderful news, and we hope it made you super happy to see that winner notification in your inbox! Having a Visa Gift Card is as good as cash, if not better, since you can spend it just about anywhere. That could mean paying some bills, shopping online or even heading out to the mall and maybe for a nice dinner with your family at one of the tasty restaurants in town for a celebratory meal together! Perhaps you’ll reserve a table with an amazing river view at Gaston’s Restaurant to enjoy a steak and seafood combo with all the fixings! They also have an incredible selection of signature sandwiches and it’s a great place for Sunday brunch too! That could be a good reason to go back and do it again and, with all that prize money on hand, you certainly can if you want to!

On top of all the great sweeps we offer, we also award $25 to someone every single day. That’s free money you can spend any way you please! That could be anything at all like lunch at your favorite café, gas in your car, buying yourself something new as a treat, using it towards your groceries or household expenses, or whatever you decide.

W.G. from Augusta, Georgia, won the $25 Daily Cash on the very first day of 2024 and that’s a great way to start the new year with some prize money in your wallet! That could be just perfect to head over to Your Pie Pizza for a custom made pizza of your choice and something from their microbrew to wash it down! That’s one Mondo delicious way to enjoy your winnings!

Gordon S. of Silver Spring, Maryland, is certainly a dedicated sweeper whose name appears on winners lists quite often. And now he’s just added the $25 Daily Cash Prize to his list of wins after his entry was chosen on January 8! Don’t forget, winners are notified by email only so be sure to use your best one when entering, and keep a watchful eye on your email inbox for potentially lucky good news!

Jeffrey L. in Zachary, Louisiana, might be making plans to celebrate Mardi Gras and, with the $25 Daily Cash he won on January 31, it could be even more epic this year! That can certainly cover some food and beverages for a fun time out. Perhaps you’ll head over to Teddy’s Juke Joint to meet up with your friends for a great night of live music and drinks. If you love the Blues, or even want to get in on some line dancing to show off your moves, they’ve got a great variety that caters to something for everyone! We hear this place is off the charts fun, even if it’s a DJ night. Have a great time!

Thanks for entering MondoSweeps and congrats to all the lucky winners this month. We hope you come back each day to keep entering for the chance to win some truly incredible giveaways absolutely free!