Winner Recap February 2024

It’s the Mondo magnificent month of February and what makes it even more fantastic is that it’s Leap Year, which means there’s an extra day for entering to win big with MondoSweeps! We’ve got some truly incredible giveaways in our lineup and it’s always fast, free and easy to enter simply by filling in your email address for each entry submission. It’s important to submit the email address you definitely check daily because that’s the only way we notify our lucky winners and issue their prize absolutely free of charge! That can without a doubt be a Mondo magical moment when you realize you won and now have something Mondo marvelous to show for it!

On top of all the Mondo spectacular giveaways, we also award a $25 Daily Cash Prize to one lucky winner every single day! Jonathan C. from Milledgeville, Tennessee, tops off this month’s list of daily winners on February 1, and that is absolutely a Mondo fantastic way to start a new month on a lucky note! That could be just what you were hoping for to head over to the Milledgeville Café to enjoy one of their Mondo delicious lunch specials with your favorite someone!

Robert B. in Suffolk, Virginia, has some shopping money to spend on Amazon since he chose the gift card option to receive the $25 Daily Cash Prize he won on February 7! That could be just what you needed to buy a special Valentine’s Day gift for your mom or favorite aunt. Perhaps you’ll pick out a set of heart shaped bamboo cooking utensils to show how much you simply adore her homemade cooking and to thank her for all the Mondo wonderful meals she’s made you over the years!

William C. of Louisville, Kentucky, received a check with his name on it after choosing that option to collect the $25 Daily Cash Prize he won on February 11! Living in a culinary mecca, you might head straight to your favorite barbecue joint to dig into some down home cuisine. That might be a table for two at Guy Fieri’s Smokehouse, in the hopping Fourth Street Live District, where old school meets a hip atmosphere with delicious menu selections and great beverages to wash it down!

Matthew M. from Three Rivers, Michigan, hit a Mondo fantastic $100 Cash Prize win on February 24, and opted for PayPal to receive his free winnings! That’s a great way to get your prize money through a modern convenience so you can transfer it to your bank account and use it for whatever pleases you! You might head to Aldi to fill one of those giant grocery carts with all your favorite foods, and invite your favorite people over for a Sunday dinner feast at your house. You could even pop down to the Three Rivers Coffee Company to pick up your custom roasted coffee beans to serve a delicious java with a fabulous dessert!

Madilyn A. in Jacksonville, Florida, must certainly be Mondo happy there was an extra day this month because she won the $25 Daily Cash on Leap Day, February 29! That is definitely a lucky sign and could be the start of all good things coming your way! Plus, with that extra money in your purse, you might treat yourself to something special to mark the occasion. You might even save it to go to Culhane’s Irish Pub & Restaurant on St. Patrick’s Day, where traditional food and beverages with live music for entertainment are sure to make the day Mondo special!

Thanks for entering MondoSweeps and congrats to all the February winners! We hope you come back and keep entering because you never know when one of your entries will be chosen to win something Mondo amazing! That could be our $1,648,250 Lump Sum Giveaway, which would no doubt change any winners life! Or a $500,000 Dream Home to give your family all the amenities in the best neighborhood! Or you might just land a Mondo massive stack of cash like our $300,000 or $125,000 prizes! We also have a Dream Car, Dream Vacation, Super Home Theater and lots more, so don’t miss your free daily entries. It only takes one entry to win, and you just never know when that could be your entry, but as the saying goes, you have to be in it to win it. So keep entering to WIN BIG with MondoSweeps!