Winner Recap February 2023

We hope you’ve been enjoying entering to win some pretty sizable giveaways. After all, Mondo does mean big, and we mean business when it comes to offering free daily entries for the change to win a big prize of your dreams! You may be someone who has always rented and entering for the chance to win a $500,000 Dream Home would be life changing for you and your family. Or perhaps you’ve worked hard all of your life and winning Mondo large sum of cash, such as $300,000 or $125,000 would help to make your retirement dreams come true.

Or maybe you’ve wanted to get out and see the world, like the entire world, and with our $33,333 Dream Vacation you can set sail or take to the skies and visit every place on your bucket list! You might even be in the market for a new car and with our $88,888 Dream Car Sweepstakes, you can walk into any showroom you choose, point to what you want and hit the road in style! You may also being dreaming of your very own home theater and our $10,000 Super Home Theater giveaway is just calling your name. We also offer the chance to win some pretty awesome gift cards, like $1,000 Amazon and $750 Visa along with $100 Cash and a $25 Daily Giveaway. No matter what your dreams are, entering MondoSweeps could take you there so be sure to visit daily and get your free entries in!

We give five free entries each day for the chance to win the $25 Daily Cash Prize. Of course, this isn’t going to change your life but it could pay for something fun, and it’s free money so who doesn’t want that?!

Sunny G. won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on February 1, and that could be the start to a lucky winning streak. Maybe you’ll celebrate and go out for a nice lunch with your best friend to relax and enjoy a delicious meal you can pay for with your prize money. That always makes the food taste way better!

Lola C. in Roseville, Minnesota, won the $25 Daily Cash on February 7, and could be heading to Target to treat herself to something special! That could be something new to wear, and it’s a great time of year to browse the winter clearance sales for those deals that are too good to pass up!

Fernando T. from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, won the $25 Daily Cash prize drawing on February 12, and that’s Mondo great news since that’s worth over $34 Canadian dollars. That’s a nice bonus to your prize money and now maybe you’ll go out and enjoy a great meal with your friends and show them how awesome entering MondoSweeps is!

Dan H. in Sayville, New York, is our $25 Daily Cash Winner for February 18, and that sure is a fun email message to open! That could mean you have extra cash to order that off the hook bacon cheeseburger pie from Satellite Pizza. That’s a fun treat to get once in a while and being around since 1974, you know they’re consistently good no matter what you order, so that could be a great way to enjoy your prize money!

Roland S. from Fredericksburg, Virginia, chose an Amazon Gift Card to receive the $25 Daily Cash Prize he won on February 26. That’s a fantastic way to enjoy some retail therapy. It’s one of three easy choices we offer our winners, who can also select a check in the mail or a PayPal payment. Just let us know when you reply to your winner email which you prefer.

Thanks to everyone for entering this month. Be sure to come back every day, or as often as possible, so you don’t miss out on your free entries for the chance to win something big with MondoSweeps!

Keep in mind, the email that you enter is where we will contact you if you win any of our Mondo fantastic giveaways. So be sure to enter it correctly and keep any eye out for exciting emails from us!

You can also follow us on social media and share our posts with your friends. We love to hear from our players and congratulate you when you win! We also showcase our winners on the Winners Page as well as post about it so everyone can see the real people winning real prizes on MondoSweeps. Feel free to stay in touch and let us know which MondoSweeps prize you’d be thrilled to win! We wish you all the best at winning and hope to add your name and awesome prize win to our winner’s page very soon! Mondo good luck to you!