Winner Recap December 2022

It’s the Mondo-merry month of December and we’re so glad to see so many of you entering to win our Mondo-magnificent giveaways! It’s fast, easy, fun and totally free to submit your entries for the prizes you’d like to win! Whether you’re dreaming of a new home, a fabulous new car, the vacation of a lifetime, some serious shopping money with a gift card in hand, or just a Mondo-big stack of cash, entering is as simple as filling in your email address to submit your free entries every day! Just make sure you’re using an email address you can easily be reached at since that’s the only way we notify our lucky winners so we can award their prize payment!

Reagan C. got one of those exciting emails after winning the $100 cash giveaway on December 3! It’s important to check to be certain you are receiving our email messages so if and when you win you won’t miss the opportunity to collect on that Mondo-spectacular prize award! It’s so much fun to win, and even better when you have unexpected money show up at the start of the holiday season. That could be extra gifts under the tree, more food on your holiday dinner table, or even extra decorations to show the neighbors how festive you truly are! Of course, you can spend your prize money any way you want to, so you could also treat yourself to a special gift or even go out to a nice dinner for two. The options are wide open, and we hope whatever you choose, you fully enjoy having that extra cash to pay for it!

Don’t forget, we also give $25 away to someone every day, and you have five free available entries daily, so be sure to submit them! That’s free money you can collect as a check by mail, a PayPal payment or an Amazon Gift Card and from there it’s yours to spend freely on whatever you’d like!

Richard B. in Middletown, New Jersey, chose PayPal after he won the $25 Daily Cash on December 5! That could pay to add some extra items to your Whole Foods shopping cart, whether you shop in the store or use the Amazon app to make a home delivery grocery order. Or you may decide to treat someone to a nice lunch out at your favorite place or maybe you’ll kick back at home and order your favorite pizza delivery, like one of those famous Jersey style tomato pies. Who can resist the cheese baked right onto a crispy crust topped with fresh tomatoes and hand cut basil?!

Eric M. from Chicago, Illinois, also won the $25 Daily Cash on December 7, and all we can think of is deep dish! Some Italians don’t consider that to be real pizza, but for those who love that style, whether they’re from Chicago or not, there’s nothing better than sinking your teeth into that thick crust with lots of bubbly cheese and your favorite toppings! That’s one way you can enjoy your prize money but living in such a cosmopolitan city, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy extra cash on hand, no matter what you feel like doing. Have a great time, Eric!

Elanor R. of Fort Smith, Arkansas, chose the Amazon Gift Card for her prize money payment after she won the $25 Daily Cash on December 18, which is still enough time to get a last minute gift or some stocking stuffers delivered in time for Christmas. Or, you may decide to save it in your account and buy something for yourself after the holidays so you can relax and take your time picking out what you want. That’s one of the benefits of the gift card prize payment. You can load it into your Amazon account and leave it until you’re ready to check out your shopping cart. There’s never any rush to use it so you can take your time and enjoy browsing the multitude of products until you find something perfect!

Jack N. in Springfield, Missouri, may have heard ho, ho, ho, when he opened his email since he won the $25 Daily Cash on Christmas Day, December 25! That’s a nice unexpected gift to find and we hope it added to your holiday joy finding that winner message from us!

Sharon M. from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is our very last winner of 2022, since she won the $25 Daily Cash on December 31! What a wonderful way to end the year and head into the new year with some extra money in your pocket! We hope that sets the tone for all good things in the coming year!

Congrats to each and every one of our December winners and those who have won throughout the year. We have plenty of giveaways coming up in 2023, so be sure to visit often, every day if possible, and keep entering to Win Big with MondoSweeps!