Winner Recap August 2022

It’s been another Mondo-marvelous month and even though the end of August means the summer is starting to wind down, there’s still plenty of excitement to be had by entering for your chance to win big with MondoSweeps! It’s always fast, free and easy to get your entries in each day for the chance to win some truly incredible sweepstakes prize giveaways! We are Mondo-thrilled to welcome new winners to the list this month and congratulate each one of you! If you’ve been entering and haven’t won yet, be sure to visit daily to claim your free entries because you never know when your entry will be chosen next!

Brenda R. in Lakewood, Colorado, may have felt a cool mountain breeze, but it turned out to be a winner notification after she won a cool grand! Brenda was selected to win the $1,000 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on August 11! That sure is Mondo-spectacular news to receive in your email and we’re Mondo-excited to award that cool grand to you, Brenda! Having money to spend on Amazon is better than being a kid in a candy shop with cash in hand, although you can also buy candy on Amazon if you want to! In fact, you can buy most anything you could possibly need since they have hundreds of thousands of products to choose from! The other Mondo-cool part is, you can park that prize money in your Amazon account and spend it as you want or need to. So, you could start out your shopping adventure by moving things from “save for later” if you’ve had some items in your cart as part of your wish list. That in itself is a gift! Then you might save some of it to get your holiday shopping started early and buy gifts for everyone on your list! If you don’t already have one, you could also sign up for a Prime Membership so you can enjoy all of the benefits that comes with that including free shipping, member only deals and discounts, entertainment and more! You can also add household members at no additional charge so they can use those same benefits, which makes it even more worthwhile! We hope you have a Mondo-fantastic time deciding what to buy with that cool grand, Brenda. Mondo-congrats to you on your awesome win!

William W. from Oxly, Missouri, also got a Mondo-happy winner email this month after he was chosen in the $100 Cash Sweepstakes prize drawing on August 29, just in time to fire up the grill and invite everyone over to celebrate the Labor Day holiday weekend! Now that you have that extra cash you could head to the grocery store and the local farmstand to pick up what you need to make it a Mondo-spectacular celebration for everyone to have a great time and enjoy your specialty barbecue spread! That’s one idea of how you might spend your prize money and share the celebration with your favorite people! Of course, there are many ideas of how you could use it, so we hope whatever you decide, you enjoy it to the max!

A Mondo-shoutout goes to our many $25 Daily Winners this month too! We’re Mondo-glad you got your entries in for the daily giveaway while entering to win our Mondo-big prizes! It’s Mondo-fun to get an email saying you’ve got $25 with your name on it and all you have to do is reply to let us know if you’d like to be paid by a check in the mail, a direct PayPal payment, or an Amazon Gift Card, which you can load into your Amazon account and buy whatever pleases you!

We hope you enjoy the selection of Mondo-fabulous giveaways and visit every day to enter for your chance to become a winner too! Whether you dream of a new home, a brand new car, the vacation of a lifetime, a big pile of money or a super home theater, we’ve got that and more and all you need to do is click the Enter Now button and submit your email address for the chance to be a winner! It’s a good idea to maximize every opportunity to enter so keep entering for each prize until you complete all of your entries each day. If you win, we’ll notify you at the email address you submitted, so be sure to enter with the email you can most easily be reached at! We certainly wouldn’t want you to miss a Mondo-important prize winner notification from us! And be sure to keep checking your inbox for emails from us!

We wish everyone Mondo-good fortune and the very best of luck winning the prize of your dreams. Nothing would make us happier than letting you know you’ve won, so be sure to come back every day to keep entering to WIN BIG with MondoSweeps!