Winner Recap April 2024

It’s the Mondo magical month of April, where everything starts to bloom, and sights are set on warmer weather and plans to have fun outdoors. No matter where you day takes you, you can always take MondoSweeps with you to enter from any device wherever you are. It’s simple to enter to win as much as $1,648,250, simply by filling your email address in the entry box. Nothing could be easier or more rewarding when you get that anticipated winner notification in you email inbox, and that’s Mondo magnificent news to see!

We’ve got quite a Mondo impressive selection in our lineup of giveaways so no matter what you want to win, you’ll find something incredible to enter for. On top of the $1,648,250 Lump Sum, which would fulfill anyone’s dreams in a Mondo big way, we also offer the chance to win a $500,000 Dream Home, big cash prizes of $300,00 and $125,000, a Mondo fabulous new car with $88,888 to buy whatever you want to cruise around in, a $33,333 Dream Vacation to travel wherever you want to roam, a $10,000 Super Home Theater, which you can use to build the home theater room of your dreams or spend on whatever you want to buy! We also have some Mondo fun gift cards like a $1,000 Amazon and $750 Visa, along with $100 Cash and a $25 Daily Cash Giveaway!

Dequalyon W. of Gilmer, Texas, is sure to be wearing a Mondo big Texas sized smile since he won the $750 Visa Gift Card on April 18! That sure is Mondo fantastic news to find in your email and we’re so glad you replied to collect your winnings totally free! Now all you have to do is decide what you want to spend your prize money on. Since Visa is so widely accepted, that could be virtually anything!

You might use it for a fun fishing trip with your buddies, and load up on all the supplies you need to enjoy a weekend getaway to your favorite spot. You might also do some shopping to buy things you’ve been wanting to get, and what better reason to buy them than with free prize money to spend?! You could also take your special someone out for a nice dinner at one of your favorite places to eat. That might be a cozy table for two at Poco Loco Bar & Grill to relax and order up the best apps, steaks, burgers, drinks, and whatever you feel like getting. Plus, with great music it could be the perfect way to celebrate and enjoy being a MondoSweeps winner!

We’d also like to congratulate our thirty $25 Daily Cash Winners this month. We give this cash prize away every day, and it’s always Mondo fun to have extra money in your wallet to spend on anything you want to use it for!

Lucky M. in Irons, Michigan, had a lucky day on the first of April when his entry was chosen to win the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway! That could be just perfect to order a tasty pie from Shandy’s Pizza. We hear it’s the best pizza in town and the people serving it couldn’t be any nicer! If you’re in the mood for a Detroit style pie, they’ve got the sauce and just the right amount of spice done to perfection, and they cook it perfectly too! That’s just one of many ways having prize money in your wallet can be totally enjoyable!

Patty H. from Plaquemine, Louisiana, also has some prize money to enjoy since she won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on April 11! Now you might head over to Fancy Finds to see what unique treasure catches your eye. It’s always fun to browse around a consignment shop because you never know when you’ll find something Mondo fabulous. That could be a piece of jewelry, something to wear, or even a pretty hand painted vase to put flowers in to add some extra cheer to your living space!

Bob M. in Brooksville, Florida, might be heading to the golf course to play a few rounds with his best buddies now that he won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on April 30! That’s a Mondo fantastic way to end the month on a lucky note, and you might continue your winning streak when you beat your friends and they have to buy you lunch at the clubhouse afterwards!

Keep entering MondoSweeps for free chances to win every day! It’s always Mondo easy to submit your free entries simply by filling in your email address and clicking on Enter Now for each prize category. It’s always Mondo good to submit all the free entries we offer each day, that way you max out your chances of winning big with MondoSweeps!