Winner Recap April 2023

MondoSweeps is always fast, free and easy to enter for what you’d like to win. Simply pick a prize and click on the “enter now” button. From there, all you need is a valid email address to submit your free entries. Drawings are held at midnight Eastern time, so be sure to enter before then. You could come out a Mondo big winner, and with the chance to win prizes that could be life changing or something fun, it’s certainly worth a few minutes of your time to get your entries submitted.

Phillip P. in Holland, Michigan, got his entries in and is now $100 richer for it after winning the cash prize drawing on April 11. That’s a nice chunk of change for a few moments of your time! Now perhaps you’ll plan a fun outing to enjoy it. You could make a reservation at Boatwerks Waterfront Restaurant to treat yourself and a guest to a fabulous meal with an incredible view! With a menu that boasts mouthwatering selections of New American fare coupled with craft cocktails and homemade desserts, it’s sure to be a memorable experience you won’t soon forget. You can also enjoy live music with an array of genres that range from Jazz to acoustic serenades and a whole host of area talent that’s sure to get your toes tapping. That’s one way you might have a Mondo fun time with your prize money. We hope however you decide to spend it, you fully enjoy being a winner and have a Mondo great time!

Teresa V. of San Clemente, California, didn’t miss entering and it just paid off with a $750 Visa Gift Card after she won the prize drawing on April 24! That sure is Mondo great news! We’re so glad you checked your email and didn’t miss that Mondo exciting message from us! Having a Visa Gift Card can take you where you want to go. That could be a shopping trip to the Outlets at San Clemente to shop till you drop and buy whatever you feel like! You might take your best friend so you can have a great day together browsing in the stores, trying on new clothes, and enjoying all it has to offer including a great selection of food establishments. That could mean a nice relaxing lunch and maybe you’ll also hit the cinema to see a movie on the big screen. You can do all that and more since Visa is so widely accepted. With heated reclining seats in a 50,000 square foot IMAX theater, it’s sure to be a luxurious viewing of whatever you decide to see. Plus, you can even order food to your seat. What will they think of next?! We hope you enjoy your gift card money, no matter how you choose to spend it, Teresa!

Mondo congrats to all the daily winners for April too. We give $25 to someone every single day, and that’s enough to put a smile on anyone’s face because after all, who doesn’t want some free cash to spend? If you win any of the daily drawings you can select an Amazon Gift Card, PayPal or a check in the mail to receive your winnings. From there, it’s yours to spend freely on anything you choose.

Rex S. in Hanceville, Alabama, got one of those Mondo fun surprise winner emails from us when he won the $25 Daily Cash on April 15! What a great day to win some free money! Maybe you’ll invite your best buddy for lunch and head to Taco Bell to try whatever you’re craving off that expansive menu! Whether its tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, or an assortment off the Cravings Value Menu, you’re sure to leave satisfied and still have plenty of money left to do something else fun! Enjoy it, Rex!

Phillip V. from Haleiwa, Hawaii, also landed on the $25 Daily Cash Winners list on April 18, and now with some extra cash in your wallet you might go get that new polish for your surfboard or a new pair of boardshorts to hang ten in style! You might also decide to grab some to go food from your favorite restaurant and head to the beach to enjoy it with someone special. Have a Mondo great time, no matter what you choose to spend it on, Phillip!

Thanks for entering and congrats to all the winners this month. Be sure to come back daily to enter to win MondoSweeps great giveaways. We offer a $500,000 Dream Home, huge sums of cash, a dream vacation, exotic car of your choosing and gift cards to spend on anything you choose!

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