Why Your Email is Your Golden Ticket!

At MondoSweeps we’ve created sweepstakes which are super easy and fast to enter every day! There is no membership required, nothing to join and nothing to sign up for in order to claim your free chances to win cash and some really awesome prizes! The one major thing that is important is your email address. Why? Because when you enter any of our free daily sweepstakes, the only requirement is that you enter your real email address before you submit your entry. This should be an email which you check frequently: it is your golden ticket!

The only way we can register your entries and track them for our prize drawings is by the email address you type in the entry box and submit for each sweepstakes contest. Winners are chosen at random, but the selection takes place by drawing from all of the email addresses entered during the course of the sweepstakes.

That’s why entering your real email address correctly is crucial to your potential to win! If you enter your email address incorrectly, or use one that you don’t check, and you are chosen as a winner we will not be able to reach you to let you know. Now, how much of a bummer would that be if you win something Mondo Fabulous and we can’t contact you to give it to you?!

So, when you’re entering for your daily chances to win any of our fantastic prizes, be sure to double check that you’ve spelled your email address correctly and be on the lookout for messages from us. If you’re chosen as one of our lucky winners, we’ll contact you at the email associated with your winning entry. Also, be sure our messages don’t end up in your spam or bulk mail folder by adding MondoSweeps to your trusted contacts.

Set a reminder to enter every day. The more entries you submit, the more you will maximize your chances to win! We wish you good luck and hope you enjoy entering MondoSweeps for your free chances to win truly amazing cash and prize awards!