Winner Recap March 2022

It’s been another Mondo-magnificent month of March and we’re always happy to see new names on our Winners List! Keep in mind, we offer free entries which are available each day for the chance to win any of our Mondo-fabulous sweepstakes prizes. Add to that, we give away $25 to one person every day and while, of course, this is the smallest of our giveaways, it’s free money you can collect as a check, PayPal payment or Amazon Gift Card if you win.

Winners are selected in a random drawing held each night at midnight eastern, so be sure to enter before then for this cash prize and all of our sweepstakes prizes. You just never know when those randomizer fairies will pick you to win something Mondo-fantastic and it could be a prize which significantly changes your life, like a $500,000 Dream Home, the vacation of a lifetime, an exotic car of your choice, or a huge pile of cash!

Any win on MondoSweeps is a step up because it never costs anything but a few moments of your time to fill in your email address for each entry. That’s your ticket to winning since it’s the only way we can track and identify your entries, plus notify you if you win. So, be sure to enter it correctly and be on the lookout for emails from us.

Patricia M. in Miami, Florida, got one of those winner emails after she was chosen in our $100 Cash Prize Drawing on March 23! What a fun place to live and having an extra $100 to spend on anything you want could make for a really fantastic time! You could head to your favorite boutique to try on new clothes and walk out with an outfit or two that makes you feel Mondo-sensational! You may even decide to go out to eat and invite a friend to join you at your favorite place in town so you can catch up and enjoy a great meal together. Have a great time, Patricia, no matter which way you decide to use your prize money!

Quite a number of our sweepers received the $25 Daily Cash Prize Winner notification this month. In fact, thirty-one players won the daily cash since we give this cash prize to someone every day. It’s easy to enter 5 times a day, just don’t forget while you’re entering for the Mondo-big prizes to enter for the daily cash too. It’s free money you can spend any way you choose, and we’re sure nobody can say no to free cash!

Lywanda L. from Clanton, Alabama, got that $25 Daily Cash prize winner email on March 2, and may be heading out to enjoy a meal with her bestie, or adding some items to her weekly grocery list. Who knows, you may even decide to meet up at Waffle House because who can resist breakfast all day and that fresh brewed coffee! Karlie M. in Tehachapi, California, also won the $25 Daily Cash on March 13, and may be ordering up a hot pie with her favorite toppings from Old Towne Pizza to celebrate! Dennis W. of St. Claire Shores, Michigan, also added his name to the $25 Daily Cash winner’s list after he was selected in the March 23 drawing. That’s a nice surprise and anyone can use extra cash these days, especially if you need to put gas in your car, that prize money could certainly help out!

 Congrats to each of our winners this month. For a complete list, check out our Winners page. We certainly hope you become a winner so we can send you something Mondo-fabulous and put a great big smile on your happy face!

As you most likely have heard, Richard T. from Clifton, Colorado, won $10,000 in February. If you’d like to see his reaction and hear what he has to say about MondoSweeps, check out our Twitter and Facebook pages and you can find out more about his method of entering to win, watch how surprised he was when he heard the news, and meet his longtime girlfriend, Angela, too! Just be sure to take Richard’s wise advice about MondoSweeps and “make it a habit!” so you can get your free chances to win too!