Winner Recap June 2022

Entering to win MondoSweeps is always fun, fast, easy and free! We offer daily entries for the chance to win some truly incredible giveaways valued as high as $500,000! No matter which prizes you would like to win, be sure to visit our site every day, or as often as you can, to submit your entries. We’re always Mondo happy to see new names added to the winners list and glad to see so many new players entering on the site and following our pages on social media too!

Don’t forget, we give away $25 every single to one of our sweepers, so be sure to get your daily entries in while you’re entering to win our bigger giveaways. You can enter to win this daily prize up to five times per day. Then just keep an eye out for emails from us. If you’re chosen as one of the daily cash winners, or as the winner of any of our sweepstakes, we’ll notify you at the email address you entered. That’s why it’s super Mondo important to use your real email address and fill it in correctly each time you submit and entry. It’s also a good idea to make sure you are receiving our emails, so you don’t run the risk of a potentially important message from us getting lost in a spam or other unwanted folder like promotions. You can whitelist us by adding [email protected] to your trusted contacts to ensure your email provider knows you want to receive our messages directly to your primary inbox. You can also check our Winners page which is updated every day and listed by month and year.

Linda C. in Concord, North Carolina, was the first to win the $25 daily cash this month when she was chosen in the June 1 prize drawing. If you receive a daily winner message from us, like Linda did, we’ll offer you three easy choices of ways to collect your prize money. We can mail you a check or you can choose an electronic payment via PayPal, or an Amazon Gift Card. Winners always have those options.

Shandra G. from Ville Platte, Louisiana, also won the $25 daily giveaway on June 12. That could come in handy on your next trip to the grocery store to buy some extra ingredients for one of your famous recipes, or perhaps you’ll take the kids out to lunch at Burger King and enjoy a nice lunch break together!

Lupe G. of Snyder, Texas, just added her name to $25 daily cash winners list after she won the prize drawing on June 22, just in time to really get summertime fun rolling! That could come in handy to take everyone out for a nice cold ice cream for dessert, or maybe you’ll pick up some grilling favorites to barbecue in your back yard!

Pazos M. from Birmingham, Alabama, also has some money to use for fun, or whatever he’d like to spend it on, since he won the $100 Cash drawing on June 27. That could help to stock up on food and beverages for the 4th of July and have a great celebration with your favorite people!

Robert F. in Sacramento, California, also won the $25 daily cash giveaway on the last day of the month, June 30! That’s a fantastic way to head into July with some extra cash in your wallet! Choosing PayPal is a fantastic way to collect your prize money if you want to use it to shop online since many vendors accept that as payment. You can also easily transfer it to your bank account if you want to. Then you can spend it from there or just take the cash out!

Thanks for entering everyone and congrats to all of the June 2022 winners! We hope you enjoy entering every day for the chance to win our really Mondo fantastic giveaways which could help to make your dreams come true!