September 2021 Winners

It’s been another MondoGreat month, and we’re excited to highlight winners for September 2021! We’re delighted so many of you have joined our site to enter for your free chances to win MondoGreat prizes! We love seeing your names on the winner’s list no matter what you win! It’s always free to enter so it doesn’t cost anything to claim your free chances at a MondoMagnificent prize!

Ken D. in Gunnison, Colorado, won the $25 Daily Cash giveaway on September 1! We give this cash prize away every day so be sure to keep an eye out for email messages from us. If you win, you can choose an Amazon Gift Card, PayPal payment or check by mail as your prize payment. Just let us know when you reply to your winner email message and your prize payment will be on its way to you!

Marguerite R. from Maywood, Illinois, also won the $25 Daily Cash on September 10! It’s always fun having extra pocket money to spend on a nice lunch out with your friends, a haircut or manicure, put gas in your car, or even order your favorite pizza delivery! It’s free cash so you can spend it any way you’d like to and that’s always MondoCool!

Don R. of Parma, Idaho, put a cool Benjamin in his Amazon account after he won the $100 Sweepstakes on September 15 and chose the gift card as his prize payment. That’s a super fun place to have $100 to spend since there are hundreds of thousands of items to choose from. Shopping with prize money makes it even more fun and we hope you pick out some awesome things to buy, Don!

Kayla C. in North Kingstown, Rhode Island, has $25 to spend since she won the daily cash prize on September 23. Choosing PayPal is a quick and easy way to collect your prize money. Then you can spend it from there or transfer it to your bank account. That could come in handy for daily expenses like coffee from your favorite drive thru or even some delicious lunches at your favorite sandwich shop!

Lupe G. in Snyder, Texas, also got $25 transferred to her PayPal account after winning the daily giveaway on September 24! It’s always great when money shows up unexpectedly and we love surprising someone with this free cash giveaway every day to put a smile on someone’s face! So, be sure to keep any eye on your email. You could win next!

Congrats to all this month’s winners and thanks for entering MondoSweeps. Be sure to enter each of our sweepstakes every day for the chance to win MondoGreat prizes like our $500,000 Dream Home Giveaway, $300,000 and $125,000 Cash, $88,888 Dream Car Giveaway, a $10,000 Super Home Theater, $1,000 to spend on anything you want to buy on Amazon.com and much more!

It’s always free and super easy to enter to win the prizes you’d just love to have. Just be sure to double check that you’ve spelled your email address correctly before submitting any of your entries. We don’t require a login or any type of membership, so your email address is your ticket to win! That’s how we choose the winners and notify a prize awardee so we can arrange free delivery of your MondoSweeps prize!

Don’t forget to follow MondoSweeps on Twitter and Facebook and keep in touch! Let us know what you love about our free sweepstakes and what prizes you’d just love to win! We’d love to hear what your dream prize is and showcase you if you win one of our sweepstakes giveaways.

We wish you MondoSuccess at winning a cool prize and hope you have great fun entering every day for your free chances to win MondoSweeps!