October 2021 Winners Recap

It’s been another MondoFun month for our players entering and winning MondoSweeps giveaways! We’re always totally stoked when someone wins a prize drawing, no matter which one they win! Keep in mind, we give $25 away every day to one of our players just for entering to win our giveaways. Free cash is always something anyone can use and we’re happy to welcome a new list of winners this month!

Barry B. of Capon Bridge, West Virginia, added his name to our list of winners and put $25 cash in his bank account after winning the daily prize drawing on October 1 and choosing to be paid by check in the mail! Stephanie F. from Williamsburg, Virginia, is also $25 ahead of her bills since she won the daily cash on October 6. Of course, our winners can use their prize money for anything they wish, so if you’d like to go shopping, pay a little extra on your credit card bill, buy something cool to wear like a new graphic hoodie, or use it to put gas in your car and get breakfast on your way to work, it’s always MondoGreat having extra cash on hand! Congrats to all our daily winners this month. Be sure to keep an eye on your email for messages from us. We send out a winner email every day for this cash giveaway and there’s nothing special to do to qualify. Simply keep entering our sweeps every day and you’ll earn chances to win the $25 daily cash giveaway!

Todd S. of Midlothian, Virginia, was chosen in our $100 guaranteed cash prize drawing on October 16! It’s always fun winning money and now you have extra cash for a fun time out if that’s what you choose to spend it on. That could certainly pay for a night on the town in nearby Richmond to see a concert, have dinner at a fabulous restaurant or go shopping in your favorite stores to find some special holiday gifts or buy something cool for yourself! Enjoy it, Todd!

Tim K. from Norton Shores, Michigan, is no doubt enjoying a MondoBig shopping spree on Amazon since he won the $1,000 Amazon Gift Card prize on October 19, just in time to rev up your holiday shopping plans and buy some cool stuff for yourself too! Hey, there’s no shame in treating yourself to a few cool gifts with some of that prize money! With so many thousands of items to choose from, you’ll no doubt enjoy many shopping adventures on Amazon with a cool grand in your account! You might even check out a Prime Membership so you can qualify for other great benefits like free shipping, video and music entertainment, gaming, exclusive members deals, free books and magazines, and more. You can also share your membership with another household member so they can enjoy the benefits too and it’s free to try for 30 days so you can take time to decide if you like it! Have a great time with your $1,000 prize, Tim, no matter which way to plan to enjoy spending it!

Rita B. in Kansas City, Missouri, is no doubt also enjoying herself too since she won the $750 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on October 31! That certainly makes it a super Happy Halloween, that’s for sure! Now you can gear up for holiday decorating, gift buying and meal planning with that MondoAwesome gift card in your hands if you’d like to spend it this holiday season! You could certainly string new lights and add a giant Santa with a sleigh and reindeer to your lawn ornaments if you want to. The kids always love seeing Santa! You could go all out buying fresh ingredients to cook up your family’s favorite holiday dishes and still have money left to get everyone a special gift to put under the tree. Have a MondoFabulous holiday season and enjoy your $750 Visa Gift Card, Rita!

Thanks for entering MondoSweeps, everyone! Keep coming back every day for your free chances to win our super MondoFabulous giveaways like a $500,000 Dream Home, $300,000 and $125,000 Cash, Your dream car, or vacation of a lifetime, gift cards and more! Just be sure to enter with an email address you access often since that’s where we’ll let you know if you’ve been chosen in one of our prize drawings!

Feel free to follow us on social media and share our posts with your friends. We love to hear from our players and congratulate you when you win! We also showcase our winners on the Winners Page as well as post about it so our sweepers can see the real people winning real prizes on MondoSweeps. Feel free to stay in touch and let us know which MondoSweeps prizes you’d be thrilled to win! We wish you all the best at winning and hope to add your name and awesome prize win to our winner’s page very soon!