November 2021 Winners Recap

It’s been another Mondo-Magnificent month and we’re super excited to welcome more players to our Winners list! We’re mega thrilled to see so many new people joining our free daily sweeps and following us on social media! Keep in mind, our free sweeps are open every day, so be sure to keep entering before midnight eastern so you don’t forfeit any of your chances to become a winner!

We also give $25 away to someone every day, so don’t forget to claim your 5 free entries so you don’t miss out on becoming one of our many daily winners! Consistency is the way to take advantage of every chance we offer for you to win some cash or Mondo-Fabulous prizes like the home of your dreams, the vacation of a lifetime, a big fat wad of cash to the tune of $300,000 and $125,000 and some pretty impressive other prizes like a $10,000 custom home theater, $88,888 to buy the exotic car you only imagine yourself in, or some serious shopping money such as $1,000 to spend on Amazon or a $750 Visa Gift Card to use just about anywhere you want, whether online to shop and pay bills, or perhaps on vacation to cover your expenses and pick out some really spectacular souvenirs! Anything is possible if you make it a part of your daily regime to enter MondoSweeps every day and claim every single opportunity to win!

A Mondo-Big shoutout to everyone who won the $25 Daily Cash this month! While, of course, that’s not our biggest prize, it’s free money you can do anything you’d like with such as go shopping, out to eat, put it towards your bills or weekly groceries, buy a gift for yourself or someone else, put gas in your car or use it for lunch money, get a haircut or a manicure, or whatever you can think of since the choices are wide open. It’s your money to spend any way you choose!

Congrats to Norman H. in Boonville, Indiana, who got that daily winner message on November 3 and now has $25 extra cash on hand for whatever he needs to use it for! Perhaps Norman will surprise his significant other with a lovely bouquet of her favorite flowers! Tanya Q. in sunny Seaside, California, also has $25 to spend since she won the daily giveaway on November 14. Valerie B. from Amityville, New York, may be heading out to see her favorite local band since she has $25 in her wallet to cover the fun and maybe meet up with her friends to celebrate since she won the daily cash on November 20! Dorothy T. in Winchester, Tennessee, could be baking some extra pies for Thanksgiving since she can get all the ingredients she needs with the $25 cash she won on November 23. George R. in Salem, Oregon, may be meeting his buddies downtown for Happy Hour after work since he has an extra $25 in his pocket after winning the daily cash giveaway on November 29. Congrats to each of our daily winners this month. For a complete list visit the Winners page!

Wayne G. from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, got a cool winner email notice when he won $100 on November 16! That should certainly bring some warmth to you in the great white north! We offer 3 free daily entries for this cash prize, so be sure to claim all of them for your chance to be our next winner! Congrats, Wayne! We hope winning some cash just before the start to the holiday season makes your days even more merry and bright!

Be sure to keep an eye on your email for messages from us so you don’t miss a potential winner notification. That’s the only way we let our players know if they’ve won and how make arrangements to send their prize payment. Please note, we do not notify or pay winners through social media, that’s why it’s so super important to pay attention to your email messages and add members@MondoSweeps.com to your trusted contacts to avoid any important news going to spam or another folder where you may not see it. If you become one of our winners, we sure want to make sure you know about it! We hope you continue to enjoy entering MondoSweeps each day and wish you Mondo-Great success at becoming our next lucky winner!