January 2022 Winners Recap

It’s been another Mondo-fabulous month for our players who, we’re sure must enter every day so they don’t miss the chance to become a winner! We know we have some devoted sweepers because we’re adding new names to the winner’s list every day! The key to winning is definitely consistent entering so you don’t miss any of the free chances we offer to win Mondo-Great prizes! You just never know which entry will be chosen, so by not missing any of your available chances, you’ll ensure you don’t possibly miss the winning entry that could change your life!

Richard G. from Pocatello, Idaho, got some Mondo-great news when he found out he won our $1,000 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on January 17! That’s an incredibly awesome email to receive and we hope you are Mondo-happy to be the lucky winner! There’s nothing like a Mondo-free shopping spree to spread your wings and have some fun buying whatever you want with all that prize money! With hundreds of thousands of choices, you’re sure to have a great time picking out whatever you feel like buying! You may have to order up a pizza delivery to keep up your energy with that Mondo-massive amount of money to spend! You don’t have to spend it all at once though. You can keep a running balance in your Amazon account and buy things whenever you want to! That’s one of the benefits of winning the Amazon Gift Card! We hope you enjoy it!

Diana W. also got a Mondo-happy winner email after she was chosen in the $100 cash prize drawing on January 17! That’s a nice crisp Benjamin you can spend any way you please. So, if you want to head to your favorite boutique to buy a new outfit, get your hair and nails done, use it to dine out at your favorite restaurant, or anything else you might enjoy, the choice is completely yours. We hope you have a Mondo-fantastic time with your prize money, Diana!

Steve T. also got some Mondo-thrilling news in his email inbox when he was chosen to win the $750 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on January 28! This is another Mondo-awesome prize since you can use Visa just about anywhere! You could book a flight to your favorite destination, use it to pay bills and everyday expenses, splurge and go on a fun shopping spree and out for a fancy dinner with your special someone! The list is virtually endless on how many ways you can spend it! We hope whatever that turns out to be, you fully enjoy it, Steve!

Keep in mind, we also giveaway $25 to one player every day, so don’t forget to check your email for this and other Mondo-fantastic prize awards! While, of course, winning $25 certainly won’t change your life, it could change your view of how real it is to win! That’s motivation right there to keep entering because when you win once, you know it’s very possible to win again and win BIG with MondoSweeps! Congratulations to each of our $25 Daily Cash Prize winners this month including Jennifer K. in Sedona, Arizona, Terrance E. from Blairsville, Georgia, Fernando T. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Michael S. in New York, New York!

Thanks for entering MondoSweeps, everyone! Keep coming back every day for your free chances to win our super Mondo-fabulous giveaways like a $500,000 Dream Home, $300,000 and $125,000 Cash, Your dream car, a vacation of a lifetime, a $10k super home theater and more! Just be sure to enter with an email address you access often since that’s where we’ll let you know if you’ve been chosen in one of our prize drawings!

Feel free to follow us on social media and share our posts with your friends. We love to hear from our players and congratulate you when you win! We also showcase our winners on the Winners Page as well as post about it so everyone can see the real people winning real prizes on MondoSweeps. Feel free to stay in touch and let us know which MondoSweeps prize you’d be thrilled to win! We wish you all the best at winning and hope to add your name and Mondo-awesome prize win to our winner’s page very soon!