How to Collect if You Win

If you win on MondoSweeps we’d first like to congratulate you! It’s always exhilarating being a lucky winner and we just love adding new names and prize wins to our Winners page! No matter what you win, it’s always a thrill to get free money a Mondo amazing prize and we’re just delighted you’ve entered for your free chances to win!

When you win a prize on MondoSweeps you will receive a Winner Notification email at the email address associated with your winning entry. Simply follow the instructions to let us know how you would like to be paid.

If you’ve won a prize valued under $2,500, we can send your payment in one of three easy ways. If you’d like quicker access to your prize money, we can send an electronic payment via PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card.

If you choose PayPal your funds will be available in your account as soon as the payment is received. From there you can spend the money right from your account or transfer it to the bank account you have connected to PayPal. That generally takes 1 – 3 business days.

If you choose an Amazon Gift Card, it’s available to spend as soon as you receive the gift card code from us which we will send to the email address associated with your winning entry. Simply load the code into your Amazon account and, presto, you’re ready to go shopping on the world’s largest retail site for anything your heart desires!

A check to your verified postal address is the third option, and only choice for prizes above $2,500. For those larger amounts you’ll need to fill out a W-9 and return it to us before we can mail your payment. The sooner you return the form, the sooner we can send your check via USPS. The W-9 is required by law and is for your personal income taxes. That part is your responsibility since prize money is considered income as far as taxes are concerned.

Once you receive your check, simply deposit it and the money is yours to do whatever you choose! Feel free to write to us at [email protected] if you’d like to send us your photo with your prize check and let us know what your plans are for your prize money. We’re always excited to hear from our players to learn more about you, what you love about our free sweepstakes, and how the money you won will help change your life!

Congratulations on your win and keep entering every day. There are plenty more chances to win another MondoSweeps prize again!