February 2022 Winners Recap

It’s been a super Mondo-fantastic month of February and we are over the top excited to have awarded a major prize to one of our sweepers! Richard T. from Clifton, Colorado, agreed to appear on a video chat with our prize director, not having any idea what he had won. Richard and his longtime girlfriend, Angela, were very surprised and thrilled when they found out they won the $10,000 Super Home Theater Sweepstakes. Of course, we offer our winners the choice to take the cash instead and that’s precisely what they did, saying immediately they now have the money to move somewhere quiet and enjoy a peaceful life with their pet cats. We think that’s just super!

Upon hearing the delightful news, Richard exclaimed, “Awesome! MondoSweeps is for REAL!” and advised other players to “Make it a Habit!” just like he does every single day! Richard said he enters consistently, spending his mornings on his favorite sites, including MondoSweeps. He also said to those who may be skeptical, to “keep trying, be patient and persistent, and it will pay off.” We are thrilled to hear what a dedicated player Richard is, and it certainly did pay off in a Mondo-big way! Congrats to you and Angela! We hope you enjoy using all that money to move to a new place that you are all very happy in!

Diane S. in Centerville, Virginia, also added her name to our winners list after she won the $100 cash sweepstakes on February 18! It’s always great to win cash and, since MondoSweeps is totally free, you didn’t lose anything by entering! We hope you keep entering every day because we offer free daily chances for you to win again, and you never know when that may be a Mondo-huge pay day just like Richard had!

Don’t forget, we also give $25 away every day, so be sure to enter 5 times daily while you’re entering to win our Mondo-big sweepstakes prizes! If you win, you can collect your cash prize as a check in the mail, a PayPal transfer to your account or an Amazon Gift Card, which is a super fun way to spend your prize money if you just love to shop! Congrats to everyone who won the $25 daily giveaway this month! That just goes to show you can win with MondoSweeps and, if you keep entering, your next prize winner email just may be Mondo-humongous!

It’s free, fast and totally exciting to get your free daily entries to win one of our amazing prizes! Whether you picture owning the home of your dreams, putting a big fat check in your bank account, want to take the trip of a lifetime, create your own home theater, or win a cool gift card to go shopping on us, we offer an incredible array of prizes which are totally free to enter every day! If you win, collecting your prize is as easy as replying to your winner email message, so watch your inbox for messages from MondoSweeps!

Be sure to enter using a real email address which you check often since that’s the only way we can contact you if you win. Be on the lookout for winner messages and other exciting news from MondoSweeps. We love to keep our sweepers in the loop, so you don’t miss out on any important updates from us. We want to make sure you’re “in the know” about all the exciting and Mondo-cool prize offerings we have, and of course to let you know if you win.

Feel free to follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share our posts with your friends so they can get in on their own fun chances to win! We love to hear from our players and congratulate you when you win! We also showcase our winners on the Winners Page as well as post about it on social media so all our sweepers can see the real people winning on MondoSweeps. Feel free to stay in touch and let us know which MondoSweeps prize you’d be thrilled to win! We wish you all the best at winning and hope to add your name and awesome prize win to our winner’s page very soon!