August 2021 Winners Recap

It’s the first full month since the launch of MondoSweeps and we are super delighted so many of you have joined us to enter for the chance to win our Mondo-fantastic giveaways! We just adore seeing new names on the winner list and connecting with you on social media. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest excitement and to connect with other players who love our sweepstakes prize offerings as much as you do!

Tawana B. in Mt. Olive, North Carolina, hit pay dirt when she won $750 on August 3! We’re off to a great start and we’re just getting warmed up so keep entering to claim your free daily chances to win this and other Mondo great prizes! Congrats, Tawana! We’re so excited to add your name to our winner list and hope you enjoy your prize money in a big way! That could certainly cover some really nice home furnishings from or perhaps you’ll use it to buy some new kitchen gadgets, pay off some bills, or put it into a savings account to save for something special. Enjoy it, no matter what your plans are!

Tanza B. of Benton Harbor, Michigan, won the $100 Cash Prize sweepstake on August 15! There’s nothing like a crisp Benjamin to put a smile on your face! Now you have some walking around money to have a bit of fun if you’d like to! Perhaps you’ll head to the mall or visit your favorite boutique to buy a new outfit for fall. You could also use it to get an early start on your holiday shopping, or anything you’d like since it’s your money free and clear. Enjoy it!

Keep in mind, we give away $25 every single day, just as our way of saying thanks for entering and keep going! Consistency pays off when it comes to sweepstakes entry games! Kathy M. in Victoria, Texas, won the $25 cash giveaway on August 1! There’s some free cash to enjoy a nice lunch for two at your favorite café or buy something new on Amazon if you collect your prize money as a gift card! Congrats to each of our daily cash winners including Jacqueline T. of Rochester, New York; Serge M. from Charlotte, North Carolina; Donna D. in Pacheco, California; Anselmo C. in Renton, Washington, and everyone else who received that fun surprise email this month! For a complete list, please visit our Winners page.

MondoSweeps is free to enter every day for your chance to win some Mondo-great prizes including a $500,000 Dream Home, $300,000 and $125,000 Cash, a super cool $88,888 Dream Car of your choice, a $33,333 Dream Vacation, a fantastic $10,000 Home Theater or ATV prize package, and lots more!

So, while you’re dreaming of all the ways any of these amazing prizes could change your life, don’t miss a single day of free entries for your chance to make those dreams come true! We would be honored and completely thrilled to award the prize of your dreams to you!

Just be sure to use your main email address and spell it correctly before you hit that “Enter to Win Now” button in any of our sweepstakes. If you win, you’ll receive a winner email notification from us, at which time we will arrange to send your prize payment at absolutely no cost to you!

You might need to pinch yourself to believe that it’s real. You can be certain, MondoSweeps is completely 100% free and 100% legit when it comes to awesome sweepstakes giveaways. We wish you all the best of good luck winning your MondoSweeps dream prize!