$10,000 Winner, Richard T. of Clifton, Colorado, February 10, 2022

Richard T. lives in Clifton, Colorado, with his significant other, Angela, and their cats. Angela works as a flight attendant, while Richard stays home and plays sweepstakes sites for at least half the day. That may sound fun, and it is, but if you take sweepstakes as seriously as Richard does, it can pay off in a really big way!

Richard added MondoSweeps to his repertoire about a year ago, which is around the time we started this fantastic site! He plays very early in the morning, since the cats wake him up anyway! He said he’s usually up between 2:30 am and 5:30 am, so that’s the time he starts playing and entering, devoting about four and a half hours each day to the sites he’s chosen to play on a daily basis, including MondoSweeps. Well, that kind of dedication just paid off Mondo-big when Richard was chosen in our $10,000 prize drawing on February 10, 2022!

Our prize director contacted Richard and Angela to surprise them with the Mondo-exciting news! After they replied to the winner email message, he set up a video call to reveal the Mondo-happy news face to face. Richard genuinely had no clue how much he won. He and Angela were literally on the edge of their seats, looking into the camera as they waited for our prize director to say it: “Richard T., you have won ten thousand dollars from MondoSweeps!” Talk about big smiles lighting up the screen!

Richard exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, right on. Awesome. Mondo Sweeps is for real!” as Angela announced they’re moving! Richard added, they would be using the money to “move somewhere quiet where the cats can play, and they can live in peace.” It sounds like that large cash prize came just at the right time, and knowing instantly what you’ll use it for shows winning MondoSweeps truly can make dreams come true!

Richard advises other sweepers to “make it a habit!” and said he’s “definitely” going to keep playing. “It’s a habit. Make it a habit,” he reiterated, saying, “Be patient and persistent. Make it the first thing you do when you wake up, when you’re drinking your coffee.” He would tell skeptics to “Keep trying. Be patient. Be persistent. It will pay off!”

Well, it certainly did pay off for Richard and Angela, along with their cats, who now have the money to move to a better place and improve the quality of their lives. We’re Mono-delighted for you and wish you all the best in your new home!

Be sure to tell your friends and family about our site when you reveal your happy news to them. MondoSweeps certainly is real and there are new chances every day to become a Mondo-big winner with lots of great giveaways on the horizon!

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