How Does MondoSweeps Make Money if it's Free?

You may be wondering how MondoSweeps can make money when entering our sweepstakes' is absolutely 100% free. That’s a good question and the answer is fairly simple.

The first and most important thing to know is every sweepstakes site you enter should be completely free. That’s why you’ll see this phrase at the bottom of our site: NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. A purchase or payment of any kind will not in any way increase your chances of winning a prize. You do not have to accept any offers on this site to be eligible to win.

This is to make sure you know that entering on our site is 100% free and responding to any advertising on our site will never increase your chances of winning. It is not required to click on any ads or make any type of purchase or obligation to advertisers in order to enter our free giveaways. Those advertisers are on our site as a mutual benefit. They use space on the site to promote their endeavor and we get paid to let them use the space. It’s that simple.

The money from advertising goes to pay for the prizes we give away and also covers our bills, including paying the folks behind the scenes who run the day-to-day operations to make our incredible sweepstakes contests possible. So, those ads also create jobs, which is another benefit of being in the sweepstakes industry. That’s what’s called a win-win, since we give the money away that we make from the ad impressions, or views, displayed on the site and also take care of our staff and expenses.

So, while you’re entering every day for your free chances to win, keep in mind the ads you see are completely separate from our sweepstakes and responding to them will never increase your odds of winning any of our giveaways. 

Our job here at MondoSweeps is to offer you free entries for chances to win cash and prizes. That’s our only job and we hope you take advantage of this incredible offer to enter daily for your free chances to win. We’d be more than delighted to award a MondoSweeps prize to you!