$1,000 Amazon Gift Card Winner - Brenda R. in Lakewood, Colorado - August 11, 2022

It turned out to be a very cool day for Brenda R. from Lakewood, Colorado, when she found out she won the $1,000 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on August 11, 2022! That’s a Mondo-cool grand to go shopping on the world’s largest marketplace to buy anything you want! That sure is a dream come true! Now you can start browsing around to see what you’d like to get with your gift card money, or perhaps you already have some things in mind! You may even have some items in the “save for later” area of your shopping cart and now, with all that Mondo-money to use, you can start moving them to buy now and check your cart out! That’s always a Mondo-exciting way to shop! There are so many choices, no matter what you need or want to get, you’re sure to find everything and anything on Amazon!

You may have been wanting to buy a new pair of hiking boots, a backpack, and a water bottle so you can hit your favorite trails and enjoy time outdoors even more! You can’t go wrong with a new pair of Timberland’s since they’ve been around long enough to have perfected those boots! Or maybe you’ll check out the Anjou line since they have a wide variety of colors and styles to suit your taste for comfort and fashion. Next you might scope out the jackets to see what you like in down puffer, fleece, or water resistant outer wear which you could also wear if you hit the slopes this winter! You may also use some of the money to stock up on home essentials or get an early start on your holiday shopping this year since it’s never too early to do that!

Perhaps you have kids heading back to school, and winning all that money to spend on Amazon came at just the right time to stock up on whatever they need in school supplies, new clothes, shoes, backpacks, snacks and treats for their lunchboxes or even a new laptop to help with their studies and getting their classwork and homework assignments done. Pretty much anything you can think of can be found on Amazon, which is one of the reasons this giveaway is so popular with our sweepers. We are totally Mondo-happy you are the latest winner of this awesome prize, and we hope you fully enjoy spending it! Having all that money to load into your Amazon account certainly makes checking out your cart a whole lot more thrilling!

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